Minesweeper players cleared 1,500 mines from the ‘nerve’ board

If you’ve ever fired up the puzzling classic Minesweeper for a quick game, and found yourself sweating the first time you clicked the big red 3, you’ll appreciate the achievement of reddit user OtterDeity, who managed to clear 99×99 – Square-sized minesweeper boards, marking up to 1,500 mines in the process.

otter god posted a screenshot The finished circuit board, which you can see below. OtterDeity described the experience as “nerve”, saying the board took him “about 2.5 hours” to complete, which seems to me rather fast for such a large board, although some commenters naturally disagreed .

A staple of the game since 1992, Minesweeper sees players trying to deduce the location of a certain number of “mines”, using numbers displayed by clicking on tiles that tell you how many are in the squares adjacent to that tile Mines (but not where they are) a typical minesweeper board size is about 15×20 pieces, giving you an idea of ​​how big OtterDeity’s finished board is: you can see it below.

(Image credit: Reddit)

The post quickly gained a lot of attention, receiving nearly 200,000 likes in the past four days. Various mine-sweeping-related debates also followed, the most interesting of which were commenters judging how much guesswork was involved in solving board problems, leading to a larger debate about how far inference can take you in mine-sweeping .