Mini Motorways is the most exciting traffic manager you will play this year

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(Image source: Future)

In addition to our 2021 Major Game Awards, every member of the PC Gamer team has focused on the games they love this year. For the rest of this month, we will release the new employee draft and our main awards.

Mini Motorways is the seemingly crazy traffic management mini game I dream of. Imagine the city: The skyline condenses the most basic challenges related to roads, except that it is based on cities in real life, with a lot of intelligent randomization and cute, simple, and multi-color aesthetics. That is a mini highway.

The game’s developer, Dinosaur Polo Club, has continued to add features, and since its debut on Steam in 2021, it has seen several major updates-less than two after its initial (frankly criminal) exclusive Mac OS and IOS release year.