Miyamoto said that the next Mario game will “further expand” on the basis of previous 3D games

At Nintendo’s recent financial performance meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the next steps of the popular Super Mario series. He first introduced the design process of Mario games in detail, and mentioned that as Mario games developed, they began to become more complex, so he noticed that they should also remain accessible. He also briefly talked about the future 3D Mario game, and said that the next mainline 3D game will continue to expand the previous content.

“Let me explain by describing the development background of the new Super Mario Bros. Wii, a Wii game released in 2009.”

“At the time, it felt like every time we created a new part in the Super Mario series-by then it had expanded to 3D-it became more complicated.

“After the release of “Super Mario Galaxy” in 2007, the goal was to develop a 3D Super Mario game that was easier to use. The result was the new Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is a basic game that even new players can easily play. Side-scrolling Super Mario game. This later led to the release of a simpler Super Mario Run game (mobile app released in 2016).

“When we develop software, we strive to incorporate new elements, but at the same time we hope that even first-time players can have fun.

“Recently, all generations are enjoying the 3D Mario game “Super Mario Odyssey” (released in 2017), so for the future of 3D Mario, we hope to try to expand further in new ways.”

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