MLB The Show 22 tech test revealed, live tomorrow on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

Sony San Diego has revealed that its upcoming baseball game, MLB The Show 22, will begin technical testing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch tomorrow, February 17.

It will start at 10AM PST and will run until February 23rd at 10AM PST, with players in the US and Canada able to try out the game a week before its April 5th release. As for what to expect, technical testing appears to be largely focused on stress testing MLB The Show 22’s online servers and features.

“We want to deliver the best version of MLB The Show 22, and for that we need everyone’s help to emphasize servers, online matchmaking, cross-platform play, online co-op, etc., in addition to gathering feedback on gameplay,” Sony San Diego wrote in the description of its trailer. “Best news? No registration required [as] It is open to all who qualify. ”

All you need to do is download the technical test to participate, and if you plan to play the game on a PlayStation console, you can download it now so that when it goes live tomorrow, you’ll be ready to go. Since co-op is enabled, you can play 2vs or 3v3 online. Plus, since the test is open to everyone, you can post whatever you want on social media.

This tech test was especially exciting because it was the first chance to play MLB The Show 22 on Switch. This year’s baseball game from Sony San Diego is the first time an MLB The Show game has been released on a Nintendo platform.

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