MMO endgame needn’t be nonsense when it is released

I think MMO designers lost a lot of sleep in their endgame. Between the launch of the game and the fact that the masses reach the highest level, it may take several weeks before they get important feedback to see how it all comes together on a large scale. When the endgame can make or break the MMO, it must be a nail biting experience to decide whether people will stay.

Getting this key element just right is a tough tightrope walk that many players seem to understand. But this understanding sometimes translates into a justification for the endgame problem, leaving us in a strange situation where people expect that the endgame will not be so good—a shield that can divert any criticism.

This is not to say that whenever an endgame is disappointing, MMO forums and social media are not full of complaints — there will always be venting — but it is always accompanied by the strangest excuses.

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The endgame reaction appeared in my mind at the moment because I have been playing a lot of The new world, and the endgame of the new world has quite a few problems. Some, such as the broken azoth staff that prevented players from destroying corrupted boulders, have been fixed, but there are still bugs and broader structural issues. For several weeks, the single new PvP mode was also disabled, although it was eventually reactivated.