MMOs have exploded this year, but not as you expected

The boom of MMO is due to millions of players trying, addicted, and occupy a place in their huge world. The most popular this year is Final Fantasy 14, you can’t even buy it now. Final Fantasy 14 broke people’s expectations and surpassed World of Warcraft to become the world’s largest fantasy MMO. Before its main Endwalker extension was released, it became so popular in the summer that its own developers did not see it coming.

From graphics cards to cars, global semiconductor shortages are everywhere, but this is also the reason why the servers of “Final Fantasy 14” cannot accommodate all players who try to log in and play games. Square Enix and game director Naoki Yoshida published article after article apologizing for the long queue, detailing what it can do to them, and, frustratingly, what it cannot do to them.