Mobile MOBA, King of Glory, Obtained Live Broadcast Service Open World Derivatives

The extremely popular mobile MOBA game “Glory of Kings” is launching a real-time service and open world derivative game called “Glory of Kings: World”.

This news comes from KotakuAccording to reports, World will follow the context of Genshin Impact. It will have real-time service components, global releases, language environments and narratives based on or at least inspired by Chinese myths.

The new trailer launched this weekend has a gorgeous and gorgeous open world, much more open than what you saw in “Glory of Kings”… Considering that “Glory of Kings: The World” was originally an open world champion, this makes sense of. As Kotaku pointed out, “World” may eventually become very large-its MOBA predecessor “King of Glory” is one of the largest games in the world. Over 100 million daily players in 2020.

It also has the support of Chinese entertainment group Tencent, which does no harm. Tencent originally wanted to make a mobile version of League of Legends, But Riot Games passed it on, so “King of Glory” was produced by TiMi Studio.

Similar to Genshin Impact, World seems to be a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy world full of different towns, NPCs, enemies, etc. The release date of World has not yet been announced, but it is planned to be released globally on multiple platforms, presumably PlayStation, Xbox, mobile and PC platforms.

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