Modders are already repairing the rain in GTA Trilogy

Regarding Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Final Edition, one of the many confusion players noticed is rain.It falls on a thick, blurry white line-unless it is on the water, in which case disappear suddenly. It seems to be raining behind Ocean.Even if it’s not, those sticky ropes have less of an impact on the atmosphere. Rainy night in the original.

Modders is already working hard to improve rainwater, first of all to make it more transparent. GTATrilogyMods has repaired Patreon, including Version 1.1 free download Although you need to subscribe to get an early access to version 1.2.exist GTA Forum iNSANE666 has modules that can better rain in GTA 3, as well as destruction, waste, and menu screens. Once the trilogy page is online, these modules will appear on Nexus Mods.At the same time, you can download the batch as Compressed file. On the Portuguese website mixmods, Jessica Natália uploaded a Mod that makes rain in all three games more transparent.