Modern Warfare 2 has a moral system-report

VGC report Next year’s Call of Duty game has been rumored to be Modern warfare 2, Will adopt an ethics system similar to that seen in Red Dead Redemption 2, and other unpublished details in a series of new leaks.

“Call of Duty” in 2022 saw the leak of a drug cartel-centric story more than a month ago. It will also feature the loss of limbs and more lifelike blood than previously seen in the franchise, and the role of the game A more credible way of reacting to what happens in the game: “In high-intensity moments, your character will react accordingly. Throughout the ambush sequence, your patrol car is attacked by enemy fire, and you are acting as The character was visibly shaken: trying to insert the magazine, shaking hands…”

In separate report, VGC revealed the possible cross-promotion between Modern Warfare 2 and the theater. According to reports, the new map is inspired by the new game and consists of “various classic points of interest”. The map will also include the third new mode of Modern Warfare 2, which is similar to the upcoming dangerous zone in Battlefield 2042, with combatants and real players controlled by artificial intelligence.

For its part, this year’s “Call of Duty: Pioneer” will also be released with the new map of the “War Zone” crater.

However, this year continues to be marked by Activision Blizzard’s toxic workplace issues, as it has been prosecuted by the State of California for discrimination, sexism, and bullying. After these allegations, some senior figures have been fired, but many have called for more practical reforms with consequences for the perpetrators of harassment in the workplace.