MODOK Review: Marvel’s Venture Brothers Attempt Is Full of Ambiguous Gags

Venture Brothers. In 2004 Johnny Quest A parody that downplays the pulp action metaphor of science fiction, focusing on the clumsy adventures of a failed superscientist, a dysfunctional family, and a complex relationship with his costumed enemies. As the series progressed, it expanded its reach to mimic Marvel Comics characters such as Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Kingpin, providing very sharp storytelling that blurs the line between heroes and villains.

Where is it almost Marvel MODOK Begins. The stop-motion animation show, which will release the first season of 10 episodes on Hulu on May 21, isn’t written that sharply. Venture Brothers.However, it aims for the same ridiculous mix of comedy and satire, centered around the pathetic, uncaring protagonist.

Patton Oswald, who co-produced the series with Jordan Bloom, speaks to George Taleton, a scientist who experimented with himself to gain great intelligence. Currently he calls himself MODOK. It stands for Psychiatric Organism, designed solely for murder, and is about to lead the evil scientists of Advanced Idea Mechanics to rule the world.

Image: Marvel

But like Venture Brothers.‘Dr. Sadeus Venture, MODOK is a permanent failure. His unsuccessful plan almost bankrupted AIM, operating engineer Austin Van Der Sleet (Beck Bennett of) Saturday night live). Meanwhile, MODOK’s self-righteous focus on the super-villain leads his wife, Jodie Tarleton (Aimee Garcia), to seek separation.

By the end of Episode 1, MODOK had almost bottomed out. It takes a while for him to shape something worthy of love — and the same applies to shows that suffer from tonal whiplash.Early episodes are divided into supervillain antiques that make you feel at home Venture Brothers., Super science-led office politics at AIM, it feels like a riff Better Off Ted, And MODOK is his most intolerable family conspiracy, as MODOK demands sympathy without respecting anyone else. It’s easy to imagine a more powerful version of the show, where MODOK takes over the SHIELD helicopter, focusing on a stunningly animated battle, and a completely self-righteous version of Jon Hamm’s Iron Man. British bake off In his suit.

Still, family planning is at the heart of Blum and Oswald’s vision for the show, and it’s like a pleasing story about how personal connections don’t distract you from your professional goals. Become. A stronger person. It will take some time for MODOK and his family to like enough to care about their happiness, but the writer has some pretty solid character arcs in their tight 25-minute episode. Can be provided.

MODOK’s sociable and mean girl’s daughter Melissa (Melissa Fumero’s) Brooklyn Nine Nine) Is immediately cheerful, but her stupid younger brother Lou (Ben Schwartz’s) Parks and recreation) Feeling like a mediocre pastiche of a Hank venture, Bojack HorsemanTodd Chavez. Jody is a self-help guru, and by pursuing her mother’s blogger fame, she is as manipulative and self-absorbing as her husband, and has achieved the highest growth throughout the season.

The AIM plot is also a mixed bag. Everything that MODOK’s Henchman is involved in feels like a faint imitation of similar dynamics that Monarch’s Henchman is involved in. Venture Brothers. However, MODOK’s professional rival Monica Rappaccini (Wendy McLendon Coby) is a fellow superscientist driven by sexism into evil, and the show’s visuals in a very entertaining and horrifying biological experiment. We will give you the most bizarre and grotesque demonstration of power. Both she and MODOK are villains, but they face real evil in the form of Austin’s supporters. This is effectively a lovecraftian horror that embodies late capitalism.

MODOK It also has the advantage that the MCU canon can be completely ignored when selecting and selecting the strangest characters from the Marvel Comics portfolio.In an episode reminiscent of the anime series Tick, MODOK is denied entry to the Supervillain’s hip club by Hulk’s enemy leader (Bill Hader) and is a dive bar for D-listers like Sonic Power rock singer David Unger (also Hader). Jump to. The episode embraces the most stupid aspects of the MCU when villains unite for the task of stealing Captain America’s shield from the Avengers Tower. It turns into a drunken journey where each character has to deal with some unresolved melancholy.

There are more excellent cameos. In particular, Nathan Fillion plays Avenger Wonder Man as a Himbo actor with Wakanda tattoos. One of the first real tips on reintegrating Marvel’s properties after the Disney-Fox merger is the X-Men villain Mister Sinister (Kevin Michael Richardson). You don’t have to go deep into Marvel folklore to watch the show, but for those who do, Easter eggs are definitely scattered around.

MODOK Animated by Adult Swim production company Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Robot chicken, And the tones and visual styles are quite similar. MODOK The character clearly has the style of an action figure, with every detail covered, like the shimmering rivets of Melissa’s hover chair. The show has several spectacular visual set pieces that resemble AIM’s cliff-top headquarters, modeled after Tony Stark’s house. Iron manAnd the ridiculous battle scene Lego movieA combination of computer animation and real toys.

MODOK talks to Super Adaptoid in a room full of minions in a yellow suit

Image: Marvel

It will take some time MODOK To be really interesting, but Season 1 comes to a satisfying conclusion that hints at an upcoming adventure. Given that, they are unlikely to happen. MODOK Originally planned as part of Hulu’s animation sharing world. Most of the other shows have been scrapped As part of the integration under Disney Plus. But after being canceled last year Venture Brothers. I’m shooting a movie, so hopefully MODOK It captures not only the strangely gentle humor of the show, but also its impressive tenacity.

All 10 episodes Marvel MODOK It will be streamed on Hulu on May 21st.