Monolith is developing a Wonder Woman game

Ever wanted to fight the bad guys like the mighty Amazon?Want to show up Justice League Have some real power? Want to make your Lasso of Truth look fascinating in the process? Well, you will soon be able to— Boulder Is working on a Wonder Woman game.

At the 2021 Game Awards, Warner Bros. announced that Monolith is developing a Wonder Woman game…but this is more or less what we currently know. This is a short trailer, about 40 seconds long, but enough to give us an idea of ​​what is happening. Themyscira’s Diana shows up-so she can at least play? -Then the trailer ends.

Check out the video trailer below.

Earlier this year, we heard that WB Games was disbanded in the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, so it was great to hear that the output of Warner Bros. games was not affected much in the divorce.

There is no word on when we will hear more about the upcoming game, or when it will come out. But now it is public, and we hope that more information will be disclosed in due course.

To be sure, Monolith has been working on this for some time, so maybe there will be a proper reveal and trailer soon. The developer is known for the work of its gorgeous Nemesis system in the FEAR series, Condemned and Middle-Earth games…so we hope that the same quality can be used throughout this game.