Monster Hunter Rise is getting a lot of Ghost’N Goblins and Sonic The Hedgehog

Monster Hunter Rise will become even more terrifying before the supersonic speed. Capcom announced at its Tokyo game show Monster Hunter Spotlight that there are two new collaborations in progress, first Ghost’N Goblins: Resurrection, and then Sonic the Hedgehog.

On October 29th, Hunters will soon have the materials to make layered armor based on Ghost’N Goblin hero Arthur. In addition to turning your hunter into a chivalrous knight, the special event also provides game music, including classic theme songs.

At some point after that, Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated its 30th anniversary by transitioning to Monster Hunter. Although this is not the first time these two franchises have conflicted-a similar collaboration occurred in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-Capcom promised that this mashup will be even more ambitious. However, it does not have any details about cooperation that need to be shared.

These collaborations join previous cross-border games, such as Street Fighter and Mega Man, and will not be the only update in the game. Rise’s first major expansion project, Sunbreak, was recently announced and launched in 2022.