More evidence Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be about to launch Xbox Game Pass is about to surface

Fall in love with your crew, earn the loyalty of your companions, and then start these calibrations-we may soon get Mass Effect: Legendary Edition exist Xbox Game Pass.

We have heard that BioWare and Microsoft may soon deploy the respected space opera sci-fi trilogy on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PCs. After the game appeared on the Polish Microsoft Store with the Game Pass badge, now ( Two weeks later), more evidence suggests that it may appear soon.

Twitter user Lumia updates (pass through Pure Xbox) Known for reverse-engineering the Microsoft Store and digging up unannounced details from the storefront, he discovered what appeared to be a new version of the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect for PC. This version of the game contains the term “Rosebud” in parentheses, which is obviously what EA uses on Xbox Game Pass on PC to mean EA Play games.

Twitter user notes Based on this newly discovered data, the game will almost certainly arrive on Game Pass soon.

It’s not surprising to see games appearing on the service; Electronic Arts has cooperated with Microsoft to incorporate EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate into game consoles from November 2020, providing players who subscribe to the service in a downloadable game library More choices.

It is very likely that the Xbox Game Pass game will be announced at The Game Awards later this week-BioWare has also been announced on a show hosted by Geoff Keighley. This is also a good supplement to the Dragon Age news we recently obtained from the studio.

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