More people are using AMD CPUs than ever before

AMD has been making inroads into Intel’s dominion for many years now, since the launch of the first Ryzen desktop CPU in 2017. From there, it’s built its best desktop CPUs in the Ryzen 5000-series processors, and its Zen 2 architecture has found a forever home inside the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. What that means today is more people are playing games, editing videos, and deleting spam emails on AMD hardware than ever before.

AMD accounted for 25.6% of the entire CPU market in Q4, 2021, according to Mercury Researcha research company often cited by big names in the tech biz. What that means is AMD accounted for a quarter of all PC CPUs, server CPUs, embedded chips, and semi-custom products during that three month period, leaving Intel to gobble up the largest slice of the pie at 74.4%. There’s also the nominal 0% credited to VIA, the only other x86 licensee.