More than 11 studios apparently have the Switch 4K development kit, but Nintendo denies this

Nintendo A rare statement was issued in response to a report suggesting that many game companies from many developers around the world have received development kits for the unreleased 4K Switch model (which is different from the upcoming Switch OLED).

A new report from Bloomberg According to the statement, anonymous employees of 11 different game companies have revealed that they have 4K Switch development kits.

In response to the article, Nintendo made a statement on Twitter From his NintendoCoLtd account, these claims are categorically denied. The Japanese publisher and platform owner asserted that Bloomberg “falsely claimed that Nintendo is providing tools to promote game development for the 4K-enabled Nintendo Switch” and bluntly stated that this was “not true”.

“We also want to reiterate that, as we announced in July, we have no plans for any new models other than the Nintendo Switch – OLED model that will be launched on October 8, 2021,” Follow-up tweets Add to.

Bloomberg only updated its article in response to the statement and cited Nintendo’s response.

This is a peculiar confrontation; we don’t often see companies making such public statements on personal reports. The sources interviewed by Bloomberg also had conflicting news. An anonymous Zynga employee (who had never made a console game before) told reporters that the team has a 4K development department, which Zynga spokesperson Sarah Rose denied after the article was published. Up to this statement. published.

For some time, we have been hearing rumors about 4K Switch: preliminary reports on the rumored device began to circulate in 2018, and then in May, we saw a new report indicating that the next Nintendo Switch model will be in 2021 Production started in July and retail release in September.

According to Bloomberg News, Switch 4K may be launched as early as the end of 2022.

Nintendo has repeatedly denied rumors about 4K Switch, and recently pointed out that it is “always looking for new technologies” while downplaying rumors of Switch Pro.