Morning Show Season 2: Is Jennifer Aniston’s Apple Show Worth Watching?

Morning show, Created by Jay Carson, inspired by A book by CNN reporter Brian Stelter, This is one of the first hints that Apple TV Plus may become a thing: backstage drama not only has the two biggest sitcom TV stars reborn in the streaming era-Jennifer Aniston friends with officeSteve Carrel (Steve Carrel)-with acclaimed actors such as Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbata-Raw, but it has Awards for influence, won the streamer The first Emmy Awards (Outstanding supporting actor in the drama series, awarded to Billy Crudup). Now, the show is bringing a series of seemingly promising fall premieres to the technology giant’s streaming service, hoping to attract fans of the first season and stimulate interest in Apple TV’s momentum.

Morning show It is also one of the most watchable disasters on TV. In this drama, the characters played by talented actors act in inexplicable ways, and the story seems almost impossible to understand its content. The first season began with the #MeToo story about the impact of the sexual misconduct scandal: When the beloved morning news anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell) was revealed as a suspected predator, his co-anchor Ya Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), with the entire cast and crew, must deal with the consequences. From there, things are spiraling upwards for characters and real-world audiences.

Do you want to get on that bus? Let us find out through this polygon-friendly survey.

The morning show is for you, if…

…You will resonate with the phrase “chaos is the new cocaine”

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This is the biggest hook Morning showThe arsenal: things always fall apart. The scandal of Mitch Kessler sent his entire show and the network hosting the show into a state of panic. Everyone tried to hide their ass and hoped that they would not be implicated as the people who contributed to his behavior. There are no real heroes here, but there is a conflict of heroes, because Alex Levy struggles to control her show, because the Internet wants to force her out-perhaps to support the local civilian journalist Bra Deli Jackson (Witherspoon), who suddenly became famous in the viral spread, she entered the co-host chair as a replacement for Mitch.

…You like shows that ridiculously spin on real-world events

Season one Morning show I am very concerned about telling a post #MeToo story, its premise and Allegations against the real world Today show Matt Lauer. But this is also a program about people who work in television journalism. The news they report is mainly about actual events.I saw it in the first season Morning show Team coverage California wildfires that destroyed the state in the late 2010s, Season 2 is set in the first few months of 2020, as the world is slowly understanding the scope and severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

TV shows are not always good at this.Just like Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series Newsroom, Morning show Often indulged in hypocrisy, and at the same time too focused on melodrama why These real-world events add color to the story. It is commendable that the series is generally more inclined to the latter than the former. Regarding all the mistakes and confusions in quoting recent history, Morning show When it comes to watching people’s implosion, it’s sublime-as the characters realize that they haven’t moved on from the events of the previous season as they thought, the trend of the second season continues.

…Little finger is your favorite part in Game of Thrones

Corey Ellison oversees the reunion of Bradley Jackson and Alex Levy in the second season of

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Maybe Billy Crudup is the only actor or staff member so far Morning show Win an Emmy, but once you see him, it’s hard to get angry. Crudup plays Corey Ellison, a scheming network executive who has established his own position in entertainment and is now in charge of the company’s news game of ThronesLittlefinger, Ellison is an opportunistic scumbag who used a terrible crisis to improve his wealth in the company and became the same name Morning show A bigger blow.

Unlike Little Finger, Crudup always dials Ellison, played by Ellison, to 11, each line is like he just drank three yards of Coke, trying to persuade you to hand over a personal sex tape.This is Magnetic.

…You don’t mind a show about the trials and sufferings of the rich, not great people

Although the morning show is about the abuse of news and guidance power on the surface, it is actually about celebrities. TV morning news is a strange operating space, Morning show This clearly shows this. Producers and talents cultivate the quasi-social relationship with the audience, and the threat to this relationship must be dealt with at all costs.The series carefully shows the human cost of celebrities being abused, but in the long run, it pays disproportionately Morning showThe actors and staff members because they face responsibility and try to master their own complicity.

In the second season of

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Season 2 shows that these characters are not doing well in this regard.Many early episodes tried to rebuild the status quo Morning show It broke out at the end of season 1, when Alex broke the article on the radio, implying that the Internet covered up the scandal of Mitch Kessler, causing her to lose her job and shaking the Internet hierarchy. This may feel like a drag: the show no longer has propulsion, but a series of tiny hurricanes that follow a larger hurricane. Instead, it looks back, trips itself, and brings its character back to its original position.

Maybe that’s the point: when it’s packaged, Morning show Season 2 is a story about how the strong try to maintain their power and relevance, and how the fate that is worse than death disappears when a person becomes famous. The show tells of a big game and oscillates on various issues: racism, the uncertainty and response of the initial pandemic, and the culture of cancellation are all there. But it’s mainly about betraying your soul and becoming the first person in your field. If you stay in it long enough, ghosts will haunt you. You can’t leave this thing behind.

The morning show can be played on Apple TV Plus, and there will be new episodes on Friday.