MSI prototype for future graphics card cooling looks impressive and expensive

Assuming the next generation of graphics cards is more power-hungry than the previous generation, we could end up stuck trying to keep them cool. I mean, look at the RTX 4090, it’s already huge. Our PC cases can’t take more. But cooling isn’t just about bigger and bigger heatsinks, and at Computex 2023, MSI showed off several concepts it’s working on that could reduce GPU temperatures by as much as 10 degrees.

The first new cooling method is called dynamic bimetallic fins, which are essentially a fin sandwich. It can be said that the bread is composed of two aluminum sheets, and the delicious filling is a copper sheet. The combined heatsink ends up being about 1mm thick, about 3-4 times thicker than a normal single heatsink, but the mix of metals helps dissipate heat better—a 3°C drop in temperature, according to MSI.