MSI’s upcoming Z690 Godlike may be the craziest motherboard ever

MSI’s upcoming Z690 Godlike motherboard won Two CES Innovation AwardsThe two categories are “High-Performance Home Audio/Video” and “Games”. Although the motherboard has not yet been announced, PC Gamer has obtained two motherboard pictures. We don’t think we will assert that this will be the craziest consumer motherboard contender ever.

After the release of Z690 Godlike, it will replace the MSI Z690 series. Its huge size gives you an idea of ​​the amount of hardware the motherboard will contain. You also need a very large box to fit it in. Huaxia Technology Reveals a lot of information about the board, including PCB schematics and more detailed information about the board’s I/O and connection options.

(Image source: MSI)

It is safe to say that the Z690 Godlike has almost all the imaginable features you would expect on a flagship motherboard in 2022. Think of 10GbE, six M.2 slots with add-on cards, which can be used for future PCIe 5.0 drives, USB, Thunderbolt 4, and advanced audio solutions. Coupled with the VRM that will not be stressed even under the full liquid nitrogen OC equipped with a radiator and M.2 cooling system, you may only describe half of its main function.