Multiplayer Monday Streams: Start Your Week With Halo Infinite

Happy Monday everyone! It’s January 10th, so you’re probably still cleaning out your vacation inbox, getting ready for the start of next semester, or just trying to get rid of the weekend stench. On days like today, coffee wears off too quickly and caffeine works too slowly. But don’t worry, we’re here to accompany you.Brew another drink in the first installment of Halo Infinite multiplayer game whistleblower Weekly Multiplayer Weekly Streaming Series!

The action kicks off later today at 1:30pm CST at this page if you wish to watch the live stream as a host in the video player below Alex Van Aken and Alex Stadnick Go for the much sought-after Yoroi armor from Halo Infinite’s second Fracture Tenrai event.

While you are watching, we encourage you to join the excellent game informer Chat in the community. Ask any questions you have about Halo Infinite or video games in general, and we’ll answer them during the break in action.Subscribing to our Twitch channel also gives you access to the official game informer Discord channels where you can have countless interesting discussions with editors and the community. Thanks for watching!