Multiplayer Texas Chainsaw Massacre game announced

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is now entering the field of multiplayer games. Today at The Game Awards, a short trailer revealed the mystery. No gameplay is shown, but we did see this quiet town before Leatherface appeared.

The clip you can see above shows the bloody tools of the leather face, including the yellow chain saw. One body was hanging upside down, the chainsaw was spinning, blood splashed all over his face, and it screamed in horror. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Multiplayer Horror Game Based on Real Events” then flashed on the screen. Perhaps it was inspired by this movie, which promotes itself as based on real events, but the plot is mostly fictional, with only a few details inspired by the murder of Ed Gaine.

Fear the Gun and SumoDigital Ltd-Nottingham is the driving force behind the multiplayer horror game, its Official twitter Call: “A real game experience based on the groundbreaking film of 1974.” No platform has yet been confirmed.

You can visit the official website of the game here.