Multiversus information continues to leak on the Internet

Earlier this week, rumors about the Warner Bros. game being developed were posted online.It is said to be called Multiple confrontation, The game is a Smash Bros-style game where famous characters compete against each other.

The news of the game first appeared on Reddit, the information is Verified by GamesBeat reporter, There is a man with awesome hair, Jeff Grubb.

A day or so later, the video of the game was released online, and Warner quickly issued a copyright statement that almost confirmed the rumors. The image of the game selection screen was also leaked online, and then information about the trademark that Warner applied for for Multiversus in September appeared, further confirming the existence of the game.

Today, more information has been leaked, it is related to the characters appearing in the game, and there is a document showing several stages and the controller and KBM mapping (thanks, Reset version).

According to reports, the fighters include characters from various media, such as Gandalf of the Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Arya, Tom and Jerry in Game of Thrones, Fred Flintstone, Johnny Bu Laver, Batman, Finn and Jack of Adventure Time, Bugs Bunny, Furry from Scooby Doo and Rick from Rick and Morty. It is said that some characters also have different appearances. Think of Kimchi Rick and the pirate Tom Jerry.

It is said that Future characters will be sold as DLC LeBron James may be the first.

For some reason, along with Smash, this game sounds a bit like Super Power Beat Down to us, where famous characters from movies, comics and cartoons fight each other. Gandalf and Darth Vader were just the ones that came to mind. Obviously, this won’t be like that, but characters from various media fighting each other just reminds the comedy web series.

Anyway, going back to the leak, the stages shown in the leak file include Finn and Jack’s tree house and Rick and Morty’s Get Schwifty stage (disqualification!). Both stages show that Wonder Woman and Gardolph are in different endings and are likely to be ready to fight each other.

The developer of Multiversus is unknown, and Warner has not announced the game yet, but considering that the information about it is worse than the dripping of our kitchen faucet, it may be released soon.