Mythforce is a cartoony, surprisingly tough co-op roguelite from an RPG veteran

Mythforce is a loose ’80s fantasy cartoon style new Roguelite that feels like a joke. Stop me if you’ve heard this: A knight, a rogue, a mage, and a ranger walk into a dungeon. Then they all died because they ran out of stamina.

There are two different types of video games in Mythforce: a brisk, thrilling dungeon crawler where you can kill dozens of enemies while chatting with a co-op team; and a deliberate, slow-moving game that requires precise sword swinging and dodging Rhythm fighting game to live a few more minutes. I support both approaches, but the first feels more in line with Mythforce’s cartoonish tone and multiplayer roguelite structure. Burning half of my health with a wandering step in front of a fire-breathing statue might be too harsh when healing potions are apparently the rarest commodity in this fantasy world.