Narrated by Jemaine Clement, this Dark Alliance video gives an overview of gameplay.

This is another view of the Dungeons & Dragons third person co-op action blower, the Dark Alliance.

Gameplay Overview Trailer has been released. Alliance of darkness, And it is narrated by none other Pretty nice Jemaine Clement..

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Set in Icewind Dale, you and your crew try to keep Crystal Shard out of the wrong hands. In the game, all kinds of evil have formed an alliance that demands debris. But if successful, you and your party can thwart their plans.

The party will consist of our man Drizzt and his companions Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Bruenor Battlehammer.

Each hero has over 50 movements and unlockable abilities, and a new combat system allows characters to switch movements seamlessly. Attacks can be chained together to form a powerful combo. There are also dodges, parries and blocks, but they can deplete your stamina. Then there’s the ultimate move that can run out of the ultimate meter that will fill you well in combat.

There are also attacks like Powered Strikes that can deal critical damage on successful hits.

You can level up your gear by leveling up your character. This can be done in the base camp before every mission. In-game loot ranges from common to legend, with no microtransactions. If you need the best equipment, you need to win one battle at a time.

Throughout the game, you will encounter more than 30 types of enemies, including goblins and beholders. With minions, you can expect the bosses they will answer.

These bosses and other enemies can be confronted alone or in collaboration. You can dive into any game together and create a custom game. Playing together, you can unlock new attacks and abilities for your team, and each hero has its own way to trigger a team attack. = d Each hero has its own special attack that deals devastating damage. However, the bigger the team, the stronger the monsters, so expect to challenge.

Developed by Tuque Games, the Dark Alliance will be available on PS4 and PS5 and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup at launch. On June 22, the game will be available to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and cloud players. Also supports cross-play with PC and Xbox.