Naruto and other members of Team 7 came to Fortnite

Following Teasing on twitter Officially passed last week Fortress night Account, we finally made several main characters from famous anime appear in Epic Game’s Battle Royale. This update provides Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi skins-each skin has two sets of costumes, allowing you to choose a specific ninja look for yourself.

When you dive into the next game, there is also a series of new Naruto-themed back ornaments to choose from. There are ninja scrolls, hidden leaf cloaks, magic wind shurikens, and of course Pakkun, this terrible and miserable dogman.

Let’s not forget the new pick! This update adds black ops sword, snake sword, kunai and Hidan sickle skins to your favorite mining peripherals. In terms of cosmetics, there are also a series of expressions and gliders for you to choose from as part of this new crossover.

For the rest of the season, Kakashi will attend and provide unique missions that players can accept. Doing so will provide a reward, so catching up when you can should be on the list of every Fortnite player who jumps into the new update.

Most importantly, time-limited throwing weapons have been added to the map, as well as the Hidden Leaf Village feature center, which is an important day for fans of Naruto shows or comics. I hope that other animations can get the same degree of love in the future, for those of us who are not exactly the ninja way.

Recently, after reports of multiple deaths at the recent Astroworld festival, Travis Scott’s emoji was removed from Fortnite. Although it is not strictly confirmed that this is the reason for the deletion, the tragic news is likely to cause Epic Games to take action to distance itself from the artist.