Native Twitch streaming will return to Xbox

Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring can now test the latest system updates, including an integrated twitch Live broadcast function.

Integration means you don’t need any apps to use the service for streaming.

To stream with Twitch, navigate to the “Capture and Share” tab and select “Live Streaming.” Here, you need to use a mobile device or use the console settings to link your Twitch account. After linking the account, click the “Live Now” button to start streaming the game to Twitch. This feature only streams gameplay, so if you navigate to the homepage or other applications, viewers will see a pause screen.

Twitch was originally part of the Xbox One dashboard and used the Snap feature, which allowed users to stream directly to the service. Microsoft removed the Snap feature and Twitch integration about four years ago, so the only way to use Twitch for streaming is through the app.

Another feature this update is testing is the ability to play Xbox Series X/S games on your Xbox One. This is thanks to cloud gaming.

Although the new features will be launched today, the Xbox team is still continuing to solve some lingering issues.

These include the issue of Blu-ray playback turning green and pixelated. Another problem is that the live broadcast overlay may not appear and show that you are live streaming. The solution is to restart the broadcast. Some people have encountered a problem when using the controller, they randomly lose synchronization or disconnect from the console. The comment also pointed out that the controller input does not work when starting the game. Some users also reported that the content transfer between internal and external HDDs could not be completed.

There are other issues under study, you can Read those here.