Naughty Dog seems to be working on a standalone multiplayer game

According to recent job listings, Naughty Dog is working on the first stand-alone multiplayer game for The Last of Us Studios. The first Last of Us game had some pretty nifty multiplayer components, but Naughty Dog seems to be working on something completely unique with a standalone title.

As discovered by people in VGC, Some new job listings share a bit of insight into what the studio is working on: gamesplay scriptwriters and level designer posts. “Latest Adventures” states “The Studio’s First Standalone Multiplayer Game.” Naughty Dog has offered collaborative adventures in the past, as mentioned earlier in the first Last of Us game, but this seems to be a completely different thing.

The game company doesn’t seem to want to give up the roots of the story with this move. Both lists show the desire to integrate the powerful storytelling known as Naughty Dog into the ongoing multiplayer experience. This is quite clear, especially with one list like this: This is a rare opportunity to influence your field and create an experience that millions of players around the world will enjoy and share. “

Therefore, the problem remains. Is this a new IP standalone MP game, or is it tied to The Last of Us? As mentioned in the E3 Prediction Video, I personally think this could lead to The Last of Us Part 2. ..

I don’t know anything at this point, but as the E3 is imminent and Sony is hosting its own showcase this summer, we may be able to see the next product first in the near future. .. In the meantime, you can find out more about The Last of Us Part 2 on this game hub.

What do you think of this “standalone” multiplayer experience? Do you think it’s a faction or something entirely new? Show off your hot take in the comments section below.

[Source: Naughty Dog via VGC]