NBA 2K21 Introduces New Puma Gear Including Coat Rider 2K Sneakers

Fans of NBA 2K and Puma apparel may be happy to hear about the new collaboration between the two brands. The two companies are partnering to launch the Puma x 2K Collection, a new clothing line for the NBA 2K21 starting today. The collection includes new top options and for sneaker heads includes the latest additions to PUMA’s Court Rider sneaker line.

The collection, available in the gallery below, includes short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts and two-color hoodies. The highlight of the collection is the new Puma Court Rider 2K basketball sneakers. Now your MyPlayer character can rock on the court. You can use VC to purchase items from the in-game store at the following prices:

  • Short sleeves and long sleeves-6,500 VC each
  • Shoes-9000 VC
  • Parker-10,000 VC

To celebrate the start of this partnership, 2K and Puma will present a pair of real Court Rider 2K sneakers to the first 21 players who choose the Puma recommended option in 2K21’s MyCareer mode. There is no mention of when the winners will be notified. In the meantime, those who want to get their shoes will have to wait until June 21st, when the Puma Court Rider 2K will be available in retail and online stores along with other Puma x 2K collections.

If the NBA 2K21 is available for free at the Epic Games Store, or when you join the Xbox Game Pass in March, and there’s a surge of new players to get the NBA 2K21, you’re looking forward to new goodies. There seem to be some. If you haven’t stepped into the court yet and are wondering how it stacks up, GI editor Kim Wallace wrote in a review of the next-generation version, “On the NBA 2K21 full-team court. The action is playing the best ever. And while the graphic leap is impressive, it’s still not enough in some important areas. Visual Concepts is a great way to improve online play. I haven’t found a way yet. Microtransactions continue to destroy what should be the fun part of the game. I love playing great and the thrill of hitting the buzzer beater, but stepping into the online space. At that moment, that feeling disappears. It’s not about love for the game, it’s about money. “

Dear sneaker enthusiasts, what do you think of the Puma Court Rider 2K? Share your thoughts in the comments.