NBA 2K22 best tactics manual and the best tactics for any team combination

this The best NBA 2K22 script Is the key to achieving your perfect basketball plan.

There is no shortage of games to choose from, but you need to focus some of your time and in-game cash on the best games, at least at the beginning. We have collected an early selection of some of the best NBA 2K22 scripts for use in various situations and will be updated as metadata changes.

Best NBA 2K22 screenplay | How to get a screenplay in NBA 2K22

The best scripts come from in-game auctions, but they are also quite expensive. In most cases, you can buy cheaper books, but they may have some problems. For example, less popular scripts have lower asking prices, and you always need to make sure that you are buying current books. Some of our best options cannot be found in the old team manual.

However, it is also worth trying different books to see what suits your style best. The demand-driven nature of the NBA 2K22 screenplay market means that as more and more people decide to buy, the best screenplays often experience substantial price increases.

Another problem is that although these scripts and specific gameplay are effective, other human players will soon adopt this style and create an equally effective defense. We recommend that you develop a backup plan to avoid being hit.

Best NBA 2K22 Screenplay | Kings Fast 13

Now, the script of the Kings is our first choice to dominate the game, especially the Quick 13 game. As mentioned earlier, you need to use the current version of the script because it is not in an earlier version.

Quick 13 allows the point guard to catch the ball, then the small forward crosses the court and passes the ball to the small forward on the other side of the basket.

Some players have focused on small forwards from the beginning and achieved greater success. Considering the interference they face below the court, the risk is greater, but it also eliminates the possibility of pass failure or interruption.

Naturally, it makes sense to use the best option for each location when running Quick 13. However, unlike some games, you can run this game with any group of players.

Best NBA 2K22 Screenplay | Magic and Knicks Fast 2

This book is becoming more and more popular, not only because it performs well in competitions, but also because it makes the training of offline games easier. This is a simple game where your point guard passes the ball to the small forward, and then the small forward is usually free to shoot from the basket. This is a quick and easy way to complete the challenge, although the magic book is now its preferred source, but the Knicks script contains the same gameplay.

Some people prefer the Knicks’ Fist 21 Delay book, and some call it this year’s Quick Thru STS.

Once you have compiled your NBA 2K22 script, be sure to pay attention to your dribbling moves and best builds. Coaching training will help unlock badges​​ for experimentation on top players, and due to the looser unlocking requirements this year, you will have many styles to choose from.