NBA 2K22 coach training, how to unlock it, and the best coach training

NBA 2K22 coaching training is one of the most important parts of your gaming career, although there is little indication of how to unlock them at the beginning.

This requires some effort, and the exercise itself is difficult. However, the reward makes it well worth your time.

NBA 2K22 Coach Training | How to Unlock Coach Training

After completing 10 MyCareer games and earning at least Grade B in each game, you will unlock coaching training. After the 10th game, the scheduled coach training mission will be unlocked. Go to the practice range and talk to the coach to unlock the first round of coaching training.

There is a second set, but you have to play 15 more games of the same or higher level to unlock them. So far, it seems that clearing seasonal challenges requires completing two rounds of coaching training.

In any case, this is worth your time, because completing a round of coaching training can earn you 1,000 MVP points for the purchase of badges and 25 brand attribute points for the NBA, team orientation and foundation respectively.

The badge is an important part of your NBA 2K22 version, and you won’t want to ignore it.

NBA 2K22 Coach Training | Best NBA 2K22 Coach Training

There is no shortage of coaches to choose from, and the badge you want will vary depending on your body size and position. However, if you just want to practice some basic knowledge of the game and get points in a simple way, these are some good choices.

High ball finish: receiving the ball from the guard position, dunking and layup free throw Ace: 10 free throws successfully hit at least 5 times Defensive charge: 3 charge passes in the paint area: complete the next pass

Coach training is not the only training you want to do in NBA 2K22. This year’s dribble unlocking requirements also require some work. No matter what your dribble is ultimately, you will hope that every position has the best version of NBA 2K22 to make the most of your training.