NBA 2K22 is very strange: a visual journey

“NBA 2K22” is finally out. It is a pretty good basketball game, although it may not have the “wow factor” of previous works. However, one of the highlights is the MyCareer mode, where you can play the MP role, and YouTuber’s basketball skills are impressive. He is now pioneering his path to NBA stardom, and when you spend your career in The City in 2K, it may be more than just basketball. This live multiplayer game center allows players to do everything from buying new clothes to playing pick-up games and tournaments.

Anyone who has played the NBA 2K series will tell you that Visual Concepts has always been full of humor about this sport (frequency vibration, anyone?), but this year, the development team in MyCareer really took things to a stupid and interesting Level. This is one of the strangest experiences. Having said all that, I know that I must record some of my greatest (and funniest) moments as a member of Congress for your appreciation. Therefore, I humbly show you how I spent time in The City, how to build my career and my visual journey to stardom. I promise this is a game about basketball.

Become a force of fashion

Become a force of fashion

Your dress makes a deep impression, and part of becoming a star is to show your style and personality. Type in “best dressed NBA player” on the Internet, and you will surely find one list after another to discuss this topic. From Russell Westbrook’s stylish and modern look to LeBron James’ love for a good jacket, the players’ dressing has caused people to talk a lot. So how does my budding rookie make a statement? He walks the runway, of course! There is a fashion out of control in the city, you can choose the type of walking you want. I personally prefer sashay, but it is important to note that you can unlock better turns and walks while playing games, allowing your walk to evolve. Enjoy this video for reference.

Now, if you want to focus on the love of fashion, you can take it one step further and create your own fashion collection. You can work with three different designers, all of whom represent different fashion fields. You can match more loud and proud streetwear, or you can choose to become gentle and chic with your own suit collection. I chose the third option: fashionable sportswear. The result is like this.

Of course, not everyone is a fan…

Make sweet music with Rapper The Game

Make sweet music with Rapper The Game

I don’t just want to be a one-stroke pony. I want to be a versatile star, so I explored music, but I still can’t believe where it takes me. It first simply selects some lyrics, and then uses my sweet rhythm to get into the best state. I have to consider what information I want to send and how to make it coordinate with the flow of the song. This sounds a bit amateur, but it’s enough for people to talk about.

Soon, the famous rapper The Game asked me to cooperate, but before we did that, he confused me and asked me to serve him coffee, and then ran around the city to find him a perfect jog. route. It ended successfully because I launched a record company and we performed our tracks at its launch party.

Heating stamping circuit

Heating stamping circuit

Part of the job is to promote and process news requests. As my name gained more recognition, magazine covers, endorsements, and press conferences flooded in. Don’t i look cool?

So it started with some embarrassing sponsorships. When it comes to free VC (virtual currency), you can’t be picky. After all, I need to keep my appearance by buying better clothes and jewelry. This will pay the bill.

In the end, Adidas asked me to design my own shoes, but when I got on the cover of NBA 2K23, I knew I did it.

As the cover of the magazine and the increase in my scores per game, people began to notice…

However, people who hate it will hate it!

Just wandering in the city

Just wandering in the city

I live in The City, so I have to go out and explore often. The truth is, you never know what you will find. Here are some things that I stumbled upon.

This photo captures a scene of a couple in a heated argument, they raised many hands to express their emotions.

Group exercise in the park…no need to participate. I will only look at it awkwardly.

Jack from the State Farm!

Then who asked me to wear his uniform at the fashion show…

But there is nothing better than upgrading your mats, as shown below. Photos of people with and without my party.

But the best part of getting a new place is that it allows me to use the zip line to make an amazing entrance to the park game. I really did it.

Sadly, I still don’t have karts, but they are available…

This is just a brief glimpse of the journey of the new generation of MyCareer, but it involves a lot of things that I will never forget in the NBA 2K22 era. Share some of your hilarious experiences below! Did I mention that I was promoted to captain of the Lakers by LeBron, Westbrook and Davis? Big dreams, kids!