NBA 2K22 provides your star with excellent role-playing and excellent game action

Football or baseball, Formula One or football, you can count on me to be a good person. After all, I prefer to look at myself this way. In the role-playing options offered by franchises such as MLB The Show, or in the narratives of Madden NFL’s Longshot or FIFA’s The Journey, I always go the big way.My friend Samit Sarkar played NHL 21Revised the Be a Pro career and found that its limited storyline-selfish superstar or independent team leader-was not an option at all.

Hand over NBA 2K22 But-its MyCareer model makes it feasible to be a wealthy, self-centered bastard. It makes it a reality. The developers of Visual Concepts and the actors in these scenes made it interesting.

In the first week of the league, I found myself caught between the general manager who selected me and the coach who didn’t want me; I picked a passive offensive social media fight about my playing time; I recorded a passage about the rapper The Game’s diss track; was bitten by my old college coach; and conducted a sensational interview in which I said that I was considering trading in just 10 games in my rookie year.

I didn’t actually consider asking for a trade, but the nonsense that happened during my first week—Kendrick Perkins’ heated side of my behavior—gave me reason to believe that I was in the Detroit Pistons. The situation cannot be repaired. When my other teammates played like steaming garbage in a 40-point loss to Brooklyn—and as everyone knows, MyCareer designs terrible games for narrative effects—that’s it. I indulge me in going to the Sacramento Kings. They are where I have always felt that my players are more suitable, but because I performed well in the pre-draft part of MyCareer (playing on the lowest difficulty level), I was selected as the number one by Detroit.

Former NBA center Kendrick Perkins surprises you almost immediately, and really doesn’t care about any decisions you make NBA 2K22Is my career.

It’s not that the single-player career mode in other sports games does not provide performance or a way to act entirely in one’s own interests. They are just boring about it, and their very limited narrative arc has no incentive to make such destructive choices. Madden Rugby 22If possible, the backstory of “Faces of Franchise” is Even thinner Compared with last year’s stale and leaky setup. Player characters will never develop a personality, because either-or dialogue choices seem to result in the same team gains or player gains.

MLB show 21Road to performance Abandoning the perk tree owned by its two predecessors, the game loses all dialogue and interaction. In the past, answering questions based on personality types (such as “Maverick” or “Mind and Soul”) would give players certain upgrades and unlocks, thereby improving and developing the character. But even so, any beef with the opponent team is very painless at first, if not in good faith.

In the past, Codemasters’ F1 series of professional suites were tested to give your driver an attitude so that players can choose to answer media questions as a “performer” or “athlete”. The racing team should have a preference for both, and you must meet this to get a new contract or maintain an existing contract. In the end, this is not the case, because victory is better than everything.exist F1 2021, The press conference after the game is well arranged, and sometimes you will be troubled by a question, the answer to this question will damage certain relationships or someone’s morale. But this is still not helpful for establishing any kind of emergency personality in your driver.

No matter how inconsistent efforts are, these three series are three series that provide fans with role-playing elements to match their game day actions.However, they are all light years behind NBA 2K22I think, especially the superstar halo around NBA players-a league with a smaller roster and larger contracts creates bigger celebrities, it seems-means that Visual Concepts and 2K Sports must take additional measures to eliminate This feeling-court immersion. They do, although some of the inclusions can be a bit annoying.

“What the hell are you doing in my apartment, Jack from the State Farm?!”
Image: Visual Concept/2K Sports through Polygon

Have done a lot of NBA 2K22Relatively rude Furnishings Annoying, uninterrupted pressure forces players to spend money, especially in MyCareer. There is no doubt that both have disrespect for the long-term player base of the game and anyone who pays $70 (or more) for the base game.

But at least in MyCareer NBA 2K21 The addition of MMO-like missions and dozens of off-field goals also made me feel like I was using a system to exploit me there—just like a big business in professional sports. In addition, it makes me feel that acting for my own benefit is understandable and acceptable, if not encouraged.

The player character in MyCareer keeps scrolling through fake Twitter feeds (again, its true tone is not inferior to the attempts of other series), and will find stans defending them in controversy, just as they see it-like Runaway grandpas like Perkins blamed them for not shutting up and were grateful. You have a personal manager and two agencies of your choice to represent you, all of which make my “social warrior” gimmick a good idea for me to encourage more playing time, just a business sense.

2K Sports gets rid of the hustle and bustle of microtransactions and MyCareer’s in-game advertising-barely-because it is related to powerful role-playing and lifestyle elements. Since 2014, the publisher of the game has put hands in players’ cookie jars every year, but these players are still coming back.If the popular stories of a single career are safe and boring like this, I doubt they will Madden Rugby 22The face of franchising. I know that in the materialistic and transactional society of MyCareer’s central city, I will not tolerate people expecting themselves to behave cheerfully and respectfully at all times.

Before that crucial game against the Nets, I vented my frustration to interviewer Candace Green. Seeing that my fans are getting more and more, my personal “brand” is measured almost every time. China is soaring, which is really a catharsis. In other sports video games, me-first abuse usually gives you some passive and aggressive hints that the player should not behave like that.

I started looking forward to this; sports video games are important PR for licensed leagues, and developers usually want to showcase them and their athletes in the best possible way. Fortunately, there seems to be enough trust between the NBA and 2K Sports to truly present and resolve the natural conflicts and confrontations of professional sports. The result is that my career makes me feel like a part of the action, rather than being run on.