NBA 2K22 review-minor but notable addition to the list

Like every NBA team, Visual Concepts must prepare for the next season and work hard to improve its lineup and make it stronger. Last year’s entries were all about moving towards a new generation of hardware and truly utilizing technology with impressive graphics and lightning fast loading times. You can say that the developer found its core players when taking this move, but like every roster, there is always room to grow into a champion contender. Visual Concepts has not found its championship year yet, but it has made some substantial improvements and changes to finally achieve its goals. NBA 2K22 may not feel much different from last year, but some highlights make it more interesting to play and lay a good foundation for the future.

The gameplay has always been top-notch, and no huge changes have been made to the formula. It took me a few games before I really appreciated these enhancements. The focus this year is to reward your basketball IQ and add more realistic characteristics, such as fatigue, to your performance. This does not mean that your star player will not shine and can easily dominate the game, but you may miss more baskets or be eliminated because of more misplacements than previous entries. This is a change that I fully approve of, because stars who used to feel overwhelming are more important than playing team basketball.

The defensive game is the most obvious place to adjust, because position can determine your success or failure. If you fail to cut off your man properly or make mistakes, you will have to pay for it. Block and shooting games have been redesigned, so predictable games are more realistically defended correctly. I also really like the new shooting meter, which takes into account shooting ability, distance, fatigue and defensive coverage. Getting a basket is a perfect combination of skill and player talent, and previous entries have been working hard to perfect it. You can’t take it for granted that because your players are elite players, you can make shots, and force shots often fail. Some new dribbling moves provide more versatility for possession, which is another area where player technical differences look and feel when dribbling is obvious.

As for the model, MyCareer may have seen the most significant changes, occurring entirely in the city. In this huge multiplayer gaming center, players can do everything from buying new clothes to playing pick-up games and tournaments. This means that you no longer pay attention to huge movies and creative storylines as you did in previous years; instead, you will spend your NBA career in this venue, visit their headquarters agents, meet with reporters for exclusive interviews, and Go to the training ground for team training. Visual Concepts incorporates RPG elements and has a huge task system to ensure that your players always have something to do, whether it’s working in an NBA career, improving their personal brand, or accepting online challenges to get extra goodies.

MyCareer still has a story path, playing the rising star “MP”. His YouTube channel has attracted people’s attention and opened up his own unique path in the NBA. This approach is fresher than in previous years, and the visual concept is chosen to show the different ways players can become famous for themselves, and how social media can play a huge role in player becoming famous. You can decide to focus solely on basketball, or you can build your own brand by getting involved in music and fashion. During my tenure, I collaborated with the rapper The Game to release a track and started my own clothing line, producing comfortable but stylish sportswear. This story is sometimes silly, but I like it because of it. This mode also adds some interesting pastimes to the NBA season, but please note that if you enter the fashion track, you will need to use virtual currency (VC), you can earn in the game or use the real world to buy money, in clothing Impressive on the site. That said, the mode is still a grind, and most tasks are repetitive, sometimes retelling the same content (music trivia is shocking) or asking you to participate in boring acquisition tasks, which doesn’t help. Until you open up better vehicles and other fast travel options beyond apartments, the city will still be difficult to move around.

You only entered The City as a male MyPlayer, which is disappointing. If you want to build your own WNBA career, NBA 2K22 will indeed bring W back. Although this model laid a good foundation last year, it is frustrating that Visual Concepts did not establish more foundations for NBA 2K22. The only important new feature is to practice with other WNBA stars to learn their skills and some game improvements to better reflect the ability of women’s games, especially in the passing department. However, the model feels lack of meaningful interaction and useful content. I would love to see the scenes and press conferences to really show the personality of my player and her choice of path in the league, just like you have seen in my career.

MyGM is also very similar to last year, except for hiring more staff for different positions, such as sleep doctor or perimeter defensive coach. This will encourage you to think more about hiring. Are they suitable for your coaching system? Do you tolerate employees who have one or two negative characteristics and like other excellent skills and benefits? This is a small addition, but you need to think about it when assessing the needs of your team. This model is very interesting, but since there have not been any major changes in recent years, it has begun to lose its appeal.

MyTeam, where you can open the card pack to create the roster of your dreams, it has one of my favorite additional features: draft. Now you can build a roster by flipping three of the five cards to create your team in different locations. It adds some unpredictability and luck to the equation, but I like to create a team in this way to compete with others online. Depending on your winning or losing, you will get additional rewards and more draft players to try to keep making your team better.

For those who like to get good things and see your work moving in certain directions, the season now runs through all the main modes of the game. The season runs every six weeks, so you can get free items such as clothes, card bags, etc. All you need to do is complete objectives (mainly playing games) to reach certain reward levels. Modes such as MyTeam and MyCareer have rewards every day, just log in to get small gifts. This is a wise change; I always feel that I have something to look forward to, and it helps to get some rewards to motivate me to continue playing. Although this is an improvement, microtransactions are still ugly in NBA 2K22; most players give up VC to improve player statistics faster, or are lured by cosmetics to improve their appearance. You earn VC by playing games, but this is a kind of discipline, which is why so many people pay for it. At least, clothing prices seem to be more reasonable, but players who have only slow-moving skateboards to navigate the city seem to be the carrot for them to upgrade.

NBA 2K22 did not walk into the arena and make a grand statement, but played decent basketball. You will see some highlights, but none of them make you want to continue watching in awe. Despite this, “NBA 2K22” is still an improvement over last year, although it is disappointing that it did not take more important measures. Hopefully next year we will see more lineup adjustments to make the game more exciting, and it feels like Visual Concepts is fighting for that title.