Necromunda: Hired Gun Beginner’s Guide and Initial Build Recommendations

Necromunda: Hired gun Is a fast-paced first-person shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Unlike the games that are usually played in this world Hitman It requires constant movement, shooting, and the use of special skills — and it has a strong dog companion.

with this Necromunda: Hired gun Beginner’s Guide, we can help you start your journey. This guide covers useful topics such as how to navigate the maze-like levels of the game, how to survive by being aggressive, and which upgrades you need to choose at the start.

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Follow the green beacon

At the beginning of Necromunda: Hired gun, Know that another character has dropped Green Beacon Around each level. Mechanically, these glowing machines guide you to the critical path of each mission. Whenever you get lost, look for the green beacon.

Whenever you get lost, look for a beacon
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive (via polygons)

Waypoints always take you to your next destination, but the path you should take is not always clear. Follow the green beacon (or ledge or platform with neon green lights) to finally get where you need it.

If you can’t find your destination, use advanced movement skills such as double jumps and grappling hooks to explore your surroundings. Defeating all current enemies in the room usually opens the way for you. When the battle music is over, you know you can move forward. Once that’s done, look for the green beacon and continue your quest.

If you get lost, don’t worry. Hidden loot, ammo, and collectable treasure chests are outside the critical path. If you come across an intriguing area that is not highlighted with a green beacon, follow it. If you take a detour, you are likely to find a hidden masterpiece.

Be proactive to gain strength, ammunition, etc.

When you fight through Necromunda: Hired gun, Items such as ammunition will pop out from the defeated enemy. You also need to stay in combat to regain health. Being back and defensive is actually a disadvantage.

You can always get ammo by running around each battlefield, picking up ammo dropped by the enemy. As long as you keep moving and shooting, even the most extended shootouts will never run out of resources.

Between battles, you can find important items such as loot and chests containing money. Chests, ammo stockpiles, and other items are also highlighted in green.

Necromunda: Hired Gun's Green Contour Chest

Ammo, chests, and other items are highlighted in green
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive Via Polygon

To Necromunda: Hired gun, There are two resources to keep you alive: armor and health.

  • armor The blue bar at the bottom left of the screen. Takes damage first. When the screen flashes blue, you know that your armor has been destroyed.
  • health The red bar at the bottom left of the screen. When the armor is gone, all shots take health damage.

If your health begins to take damage, counterattacking is the quickest way to recover. Because I have the skill. topEach time you take damage, your hand gains a red aura. If you hit the enemy with a counterattack while Auto Sangin is active, your physical strength will be restored. Later in the game, you can upgrade this skill and return the fire to significantly increase the health you recover.

Necromunda: Hired Gun's Top Explainer

Counterattack when your left hand glows red
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive (via polygons)

The autosanguine skill also works in takedowns, which are single-shot kills that can be performed whenever you sneak up or stagger behind an enemy. When fired continuously, the enemy staggers and drops the weapon for a moment and is upset. As you approach, you will be prompted on the screen to let you know that you can take down.

Use the mastiff for tactical advantage

You start the game with a lovely mastiff dog as a companion (of course you can also have a pet). This companion will accompany each mission and provide backups on request.

Necromunda: Hired Gun's red-contoured enemy

My mastiff marks enemies in red while highlighted in green
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive (via polygons)

Your mastiff’s greatest skill is to find nearby enemies. At the push of a button, the dog barks and highlights all available enemies in red. You can see the enemy for a few seconds even through the wall. If your mastiff is near an enemy, it will attack it and destroy everything on its own.

Your dog can also attack enemies of your choice. Highlight the enemy and press the action button of your companion. If your mastiff has a direct path, the mastiff will attack them. If your dog does not reach your dog, you will be prompted on the screen to that effect. This ability is especially useful for distracting large enemies. Your dog can’t beat the enemy, but you can shoot a lot at the enemy while the enemy is focusing on your dog.

Mastiff tracking should not be overly dependent, as there is a short cooldown between uses. When the dog tracking feature starts updating the timer, you will see a red ring around the dog icon on the left side of the screen. Once the ring is gone and white, the mastiff will be able to track it again.

Equip and sell loot after a mission

You will receive gear throughout each mission. If you find a new weapon, you can equip it on the spot or put it in your inventory for later use. Some items can be worn, but they cannot be equipped immediately. Only available after the mission.

Each mission ends on the loot screen. From here you can view all the gears you find and equip different gears you’ve collected.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Loot Screen

Hold the loot you need and sell the rest
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive (via polygons)

  • gun There are different types of weapons, heavy weapons, basic firearms, pistols, and more.
  • suit Items will upgrade your health and armor.
  • Status Items such as rings and earrings enhance various statistics such as armor, health, or attribute resistance against different types of damage.
  • Arcotech The item boosts the type of damage you can do. For example, you may find a technique that increases the damage of fire weapons.
  • Lucky charm Increase your luck. The higher this status, the more money you can earn when you defeat an enemy.

Whatever you don’t have, you can automatically sell it in cash when you exit the loot screen. Note that Archotech and Lucky Charms have slots that can be equipped on page 5. Equip as many of these items as you can. The small boosts you get from each can really stack up.

The best early game

Augmetics modifies characters and mastiffs with permanent stat boosts or new abilities. After your first mission, you can talk to Rogue Doc in the game’s central hub to redeem upgrades and credits. Once the upgrade is unlocked, you can spend more cash to make it more effective.

Auger array

The first talent to unlock Auger arrayWith this upgrade, you can scan your immediate vicinity to reveal all the enemies and items you can pick up.

Necromunda: View from Augur Array of Hired Gun

The auger array obscures everything except enemies and loot.
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive (via polygons)

Combining these skills with the Mastiff’s tracking ability is great for exploring your surroundings and learning the location of your enemies.Action in Necromunda: Hired gun You can get busy, so using both of these skills well can reduce confusion. Balance the cooldowns of both skills so you can use either one whenever you need it.

Auto Sangin and Refracting Telescope

If you have trouble surviving, please upgrade top ability. The more you upgrade this skill, the faster you can recover your life. At higher levels, you can recover a lot of health with just a few shots. You can also upgrade. Refracting telescope If you think more armor will help you survive more in shootouts.

Perfect aim

Another skill that is useful in combat is Perfect aimImproves aiming and snaps aiming directly to enemies. This short-term ability helps you quickly change the course of your battle. Great for new waves of enemies coming from your room or hallway. When the ability is activated, you can kill the onslaught of the enemy without much difficulty.

Mastiff upgrade

Necromunda: Hired Gun Upgraded Dog

You can literally turn a mastiff into a murder machine
Image: Streum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive Via Polygon

You can also upgrade your mastiff to increase general stats such as health, tracking ability, and damage output. Each time you unlock a new skill, your dog will look different. As the upgrade progresses, its robot parts make it a machine rather than a human best friend.