Necromunda: The first patch of Hired Gun fixes a low dialog volume issue

Sheriff Saedo
June 7, 2021 11:22 GMT

Necromunda: The first major update for Hired Gun is here.

Necromunda: Hired gun, Streum On’s Warhammer 40,000 shooter received the first update. The patch, released on Friday, addresses some of the most common issues with the game.

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In particular, this update improves sound mixing and brings out better dialogue. This is one of the key issues raised in the Hired Gun review. Also, it seems that the specific level of sound added by the patch was missing.

One of the big problems many people encounter when playing games on a controller is how strange the aiming behavior is. Streum On previously stated that it would take some time to completely change this, but in the Friday patch, the first iteration of the fix was in the form of a readjustment of the aim assist mechanism when aiming. Introduced. It also fixes the bug that caused the misalignment, which should help.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, the developers have fixed some blockers and some other bugs. This also includes a bug where menu controls are flipped when the player uses the highlight option.

Streum On is aware and is working on a solution, but more serious bugs have still been fixed, such as temporary stutters when loading into new areas or when groups of enemies spawn. not.

Read below for the complete change log.


  • Improved mixing of dialog sounds (increased global VO volume)
  • Added sound FX missing in levels.

Bug fixes

  • Fix blockers that may occur during the takedown tutorial.
  • Fixed a random bug that caused inaccurate offsets in aiming.
  • Fixed a numeric keypad that causes unexpected behavior in the game.
  • Camera inversion settings no longer apply to wheel selection.
  • A bug has been fixed when opening a menu with Strengh Booster active.
  • Various fixes.


  • Remake Aim Assist when the player switches to Iron Sight.

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