Need to add Madame Dimitrescu to Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter has always been the cross-content link of the Capcom franchise, as well as the surprise collaboration with attributes such as The Witcher. Today, we confirmed an incredible new Palamute layered armor that turns your rideable hound into a Rockman robot dog companion. At least one Capcom collaboration will be released this fall, and I want to cover some characters, weapons or armors that I want to add to Monster Hunter Rise. Please pay attention to the spoilers for Resident Evil Village below!

Although Monster Hunter World has some guest monsters for hunting, we have not yet seen creatures outside the series added to Rise. However, I think the next addition of Capcom may be the best time to introduce an exciting new creature to hunt. A very different from the one we have fought before. Speaking of powerful monsters, many of Mrs. Dimitrescu’s Capcom bosses knelt at her feet. Standing 9 feet 6 inches tall, she will be taller than any hunter in the wild, even though her height can be slightly exaggerated.

Her listing as a hunting target will introduce a unique gimmick: a humanoid monster. Few beasts in Monster Hunter are close to the shape of humans, let alone tall nobles. In this form, Ms. D can use her sword-like claws to attack, allowing swarms of insects to attack the hunting team. Although this is only a form of Lady D, she can become a mutated dragon-like body, more similar to the two-footed flying dragon we encountered in Monster Hunter. If you haven’t seen it, it’s like Capcom somehow made a more disturbing version of Khezu.

Imagine a multi-stage encounter, starting with Mrs. Dimitrescu following you on the map, delivering a fatal blow to the hunters in your team. Then she took her three daughters for help, and then took her last, disgusting dragon shape in the final scene of the battle. Using parts from the dragon’s body can be used to make classic Resident Evil costumes, and can even be used to make layered armor sets featuring Lady D’s white dress and delicate hat.

But this is just one possible Capcom collaboration I would like to see, even if it is quite large in height and scope. Which Capcom characters or costumes do you want to appear in Monster Hunter Rise? Do you like my staged battle scene with Mrs. Dimitrescu? Let your voice be heard in the comments!