Need to buy Biomutant?Check impressions

Tom Olly
May 24, 2021 16:00 GMT

Biomutant is an ambitious open world action RPG, is there anything good?

I don’t want to spoil what Drani and I are talking about in the video chat below, but I say that Biomutant It’s one of the most unique and weird games I’ve played for a long time. It’s a game that only comes out of THQ Nordic, a game that aims at the sky, but you can reach the balcony on the second floor of your 3-star hotel. ..

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You’ve seen the long chat above and you’ve come up with a better idea of ​​what Biomutant is. Biomutant is a game with many flaws, as the phone links seemed bad, but none of them stopped enjoying this gorgeous game. The Series X nips at a fairly smooth 60 FPS and the colors look very nice. It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t yet have a specific Xbox Series X or PS5 extension, but developers are suggesting news about it.

If this is a Biomutant review, the score is fairly moderate, probably only about 10 to 15 hours after starting the game (a game threatened to be significantly longer). Finally, I glanced at the vast adventures of Experiment 101 and decided that they should be avoided. However, it’s not a review, so you can’t do that. You may have seen something you like in a video chat. I don’t think Biomutant is a great game, but it’s far from a complete catastrophe and can still provide a consistent and enjoyable time.

Biomutant will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 25th.

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