Need two reviews-the joy of love and heartbreak

Under the exciting roller coaster ride and the stupid conversation with the squirrel, it takes two people to have a heavy heart. This is about divorce and damage to daughters who don’t want to lose their families. This is about decadent love and the difference that divides us. Just don’t want to face reality, don’t want to let go. It’s also about hope and uncertainty. The past creates a better future and finds common ground, no matter how much it may be hurt. All these elements are beautifully woven into a colorful and affectionate adventure, whether in the moving narrative or the ingenious gameplay, it brings a heavy blow. “Need Two People” has successfully become a game that promotes two people to work together to establish an effective relationship, but how long can it last?

In an emotional opening shot, we saw a little girl named Rose running into her play space after her parents Cody and May told her they were separated. She was very sad and kept saying that she just wanted them to be “friends”. Although it is difficult for Rose to accept the news, we know that she has been looking forward to it. Not only did she let the two action figures of her parents play imaginary roles in order to show them what she wanted them to be, she also secretly bought a “book of love” to learn how to make them care about each other again.

Rose’s tears slid from her cheeks onto the characters and books, summoning the magic power who attended the entire house. When we meet Cody and May next time, their souls have been passed on to their miniature, wooden and clay counterparts. When these two adults are rightly panicked in their new bodies, the Book of Love greets them with an optimistic, comical character named Dr. Hakim, who promises to help them repair the bond they once shared. The entire adventure is told from this small angle and provides a well-written story that unfolds in a dangerous sequence of actions. The fusion of narrative and gameplay is very effective, giving you an insight into the thoughts of Cody and May as they jump around and race to find a way to return to normal life (and size).

However, Dr. Hakim did not want them to move so fast, and believed that they should stay small to resolve their differences. His somewhat evil desire was subtly transformed into the basis of adventure. As the name suggests, It Takes Two can only be played by two people, either sitting on the couch together or online. Although each player is required to complete individual platform challenges, unless the two cooperate, they cannot make much progress. Almost every important action requires teamwork, communication and patience between the two players. Even when playing games online, the screen is always divided into two so that you can see exactly what your partner is doing. This excellent touch allows other players to solve problems through verbal guidance.

Cody and May share the same basic actions, but use different tools in each world. This makes them feel different and lays the foundation for a person to always have ownership of a particular type of action. For example, Cody has explosive gel, but can only be detonated with May’s rifle. Later in the game, Cody can change the size, and May is equipped with magnetic boots-a strange pairing that allows two characters to interact in different ways in the world to open up new routes.

Almost every sequence combines the actions of two players. These sequences are usually beautifully designed to bring lots of laughter, exciting moments, and unique processes that require teamwork. Some sequences cause two characters to perform the same type of action, but each character’s thinking and actions are slightly different, such as having to rotate the water wheel on the ship in different directions to avoid hitting a landmine. This type of activity will make you yell back and forth when you encounter things you want other players to do in your actions.

Although it requires two people to be talked about because of its collaborative-only design and theme, the biggest victory for developer Hazelight is the variety of actions. When a particular game idea is fully explored, the action will be transformed into something new, and it will proceed in an interesting way before it expires and presents another idea. It’s amazing how many different concepts have been explored, almost like everything you can do in an action game. Some of these ideas are more effective than others, but most of Hazelight’s attempts have been incredibly well executed, such as riding on the back of a magical catfish, riding a sleigh roaring on an icy slope, or flying with a fingertip spinning top To the air.

The core gameplay of running and jumping is consistent in every world, but the problem-solving elements are always shaking. Hazelight even lets you breathe in the action from time to time through interesting mini games, allowing you to compete with your partners, reach out to them, or in some cases, reduce the pressure on them (such as playing Gopher game).

For almost every small sequence, continuous verbal communication is absolutely necessary, which again gives this game some unique standpoint. Many challenges will make you say phrases such as “Throw the switch now…!” Missing a jump, you will usually start over from that place (or just step back from it a few game steps. Updating your progress often helps Save the game from a slightly rigid and inaccurate platform mechanism. If both players die, they will have to restart the boss battle or go back to redo some levels, but the beautifully designed rapid self-resurrection mechanism limits these moments .

Platform games are very complicated, requiring double jumps, sprints in the air, and rope swings. None of these operations are completely reliable or as smooth as you would like, but sufficient to get the job done. Hazelight is very aware of the frequency of timing errors and helps players by allowing characters to be automatically pulled to the ledge instead of missing when they approach. It’s weird to see Cody or May magically travel through space, but it’s better than having to try a difficult action again. Useful warping occurs anywhere in the game, whether you are five feet below the slide, suddenly find yourself on the slide or about to miss the opportunity to jump to a tree branch.

It needs two platform giants that it may not aspire to become, but it makes up for its shortcomings with its big heart, rich diversity and gorgeous images. All of its individual actions are things we have done in other games, but when applied to this unique way of cooperation, they will be refreshed and used in wonderful ways in long adventures. This action will make you laugh and scream on your TV, and the story will always stay strong, creating the backbone for interesting adventures, roaring excitedly, should make you hold onto the controller tightly and look at the couple Can the lost love be rekindled?