Neo: The end of the world and you will land on PC next week

Neo: The world ends because of you A few months after being released on consoles, it will soon be available on PC and will be available on the platform as an exclusive product of the Epic Games Store.

This game-what our own Alex Donaldson calls “the perfect belated follow-up to the cult classic”-will be available for PC on September 28th.

The publisher seems to have announced the PC release date in advance by Own website, You can now Epic Games Store. The game will set you back $49.99/£49.99

Neo: The World Ends With You is the sequel to the 2007 DS game, referred to as The World Ends With You for short. A few years ago, a ported version of the original version came to Nintendo Switch (giving this fanatical game a second chance in the mainstream market). This new game on PC is expected to allow more people to enjoy this peculiar story. A week-long game of Grim Reaper.

This is also a great game for those who desire a bit of digital travel now. As Alex said in our preview of the game: “If nothing else, this new 3D entertainment in Shibuya might allow fans to take a bit of a digital tour, visiting when it feels impossible to travel throughout the year. Attractions of this city. When the developers say that this is what I am looking forward to most in the game, I will laugh, but I will nod in excitement.” If this news sparks your interest in more TWEWY, please Don’t worry: there is also an anime based on the events of the series.