Neo: The world ends because of you. Landed on the Epic store this month

After Square Enix leaked the news a few hours in advance, we can confirm that Neo: The World Ends With You will land on PC through the Epic Games Store on September 28. PlayStation 4 and Switch will be launched in July, and the PC version is expected to be launched later, although this may be unexpectedly earlier than some people think. We are not complaining.

Neo takes place four years after the events of the original, and starred by the new protagonist Rindo and his best friend Fret. The two teenagers were killed and found themselves caught in a new version of the Grim Reaper game that promoted team fighting. Rindo led his team, Wicked Twisters, to participate in a competition for rankings to win the game and hope to regain a new life. The game has changed from a 2D design to a full 3D design. Action-oriented combat allows you to control all four of Rindo’s teammates at the same time. You will still collect dozens of badges that grant abilities and explore a larger version of Shibuya.

In our review, we gave Neo an 8 out of 10 points.Although Game informant Feature editor Kim Wallace criticized the game’s insistence on some of the older design decisions in the original. She also admitted that it was difficult for her to let go of it, and wrote: “The world attracts you, and the boss fight provides a valuable challenge. I like it. Watching the relationship between the characters grow. For the fans of the first game, there are also some good rewards. Exploring Shibuya and letting go of the beat is still a pleasure, and the music attracts you in the best way.”

Have you been putting off playing Neo on PC? If you have already played this game, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.