NetEase acquires Grasshopper and promises to launch three games in the next ten years

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is a Japanese developer famous for the “Heroes Are No Longer” series. The disrespectful surrealist style of CEO Takeichi Suda has been acquired by the Chinese technology giant NetEase from its parent company GungHo Online Entertainment. The studio has produced more than 25 games in its 23 years, most of which are directed by Suda (also known as Suda-51). In addition to “The Hero Is No Longer”, famous games include Hitman 7, Damn Shadow, Lollipop Chainsaw and the classic Michigan: Report from Hell.

“Grasshopper Manufacture just celebrated its 23rd anniversary in March this year,” Suda wrote. “In the past 23 years, our team of creators with different backgrounds and personalities have presented a variety of games to gamers. We now have a unique opportunity to rethink the forward-looking game development of Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. And organizational structure. At the same time, we understand that with our own advantages and unique position, we have gained new possibilities in game creation.”

The CEO specifically emphasized that this will not affect the specific game style that Grasshopper is well-known for. “NetEase Games will be mainly responsible for providing advice on our business planning activities and providing sufficient funds for game development,” Suda wrote. “We will be responsible for the creativity and production of the game to ensure that we can continue to maintain the consistent’Grasshopper Manufacture flavor’ and well-known game quality.”

(Image source: Capcom / Grasshopper Manufacture)

The statement also gave a timetable for the first ten years: “We will make full use of this support and strive to provide all gamers with three higher-quality’Grasshopper Manufacture Games’ in the next ten years.” A typical Suda line ends: “Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is moving towards a new future of game development. It is now reborn and will continue to make history. Stay tuned.”