NetEase acquires Grasshopper Manufacture of Suda51

Court No. 51 Grasshopper manufacturingThe company that celebrated its 23rd anniversary in March has been acquired by NetEase.

The studio stated that this acquisition is a unique opportunity to “rethink game development and organizational structure” while advancing and understanding its “own advantages and unique position” because it brings new possibilities for game creation.

“As we all know, NetEase Games has developed a lot of excellent games in the past, and I knew NetEase’s creative ability very early,” said Goichi Suda of the well-known Suda51. “When we talked with NetEase about co-developing more unique console games, we resonated. After careful consideration, we unanimously decided to create more good content for gamers through deeper cooperation and long-term cooperation.”

Suda went on to say that NetEase understands the advantages of Grasshopper and is willing to support the studio as a “reliable partner”.

According to the announcement, NetEase will be mainly responsible for business planning and provide sufficient funds for game development. Grasshopper will continue to be responsible for game production and continue to focus on quality. In addition, the NetEase game team will support Grasshopper with its team of thousands of artists and technical experts.

This support will help the studio produce and release three games within ten years.

The latest version of Grasshopper Manufature is No more hero 3 It landed on Nintendo Switch in August. The action adventure hack-and-slash is the fourth part of the No More Heroes series and the third mainline entry.