Netflix acquires Oxenfree developer night school studio

Night School Studio is the team behind the beloved adventure games Oxenfree and Afterparty. But after working as an independent studio for seven years, the developer was acquired by streaming giant Netflix. This is surprising, but not entirely shocking. For some time, Netflix has been committed to breaking into the gaming industry. However, this is the first time Netflix has completely acquired a game studio.

in a Official blog postSean Crankel, founder and creative director of Night School Studios, said: “Night School hopes to extend our narrative and design aspirations to unique original games. Netflix provides for film, TV and now game makers An unprecedented canvas to create and provide excellent entertainment for millions of people. Our exploration of narrative gameplay and Netflix’s support of different storytellers are a very natural match. It feels that both teams are instinctively derived This conclusion is reached. Of course, it is a surreal honor to be the first game studio to join Netflix! Not only can we continue to do what we do, what we like to do, but we are also on the world’s largest entertainment platform Get a seat in the front row.”

Krankel continues to assure fans that Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is still in production.It’s worth noting that this is not the first time the two companies have collaborated; a few years ago, Night School and Telltale were developing a Stranger Things game for Netflix, but The game has never been released.

In our review of the original Oxenfree, Kimberly Wallace said: “I have always wanted to see where it is going and where my choice will lead. The night school studio is obviously not afraid to try something different and interesting, and Try some different and interesting things in the demo “This is a narrative-based, choice-driven game. Although I like some parts of the overall experience, other parts let me down. Even so, I still like to understand these characters and see them grow through my actions. ”

Although we are very happy to see the results of Oxenfree II, we are also interested in seeing what Night School does next for Netflix. What do you think it will be?