Netflix acquires Oxenfree developer Night School Studio

As one of Netflix’s first major moves into the game development field, streaming media companies Announce On Tuesday, it acquired the independent developer Night School Studio. Night School’s first game, Oxenfree, was highly praised when it was launched in 2016. We also like Afterparty very much. This is an adventure game about drinking and getting out of hell. The studio is currently developing a sequel to Oxenfree, which will continue to be owned by Netflix.

“Evening School hopes to extend our narrative and design aspirations to unique original games,” Write Sean Crankel, co-founder of Night School. “Netflix has provided an unprecedented canvas for film, TV, and now game makers, creating and providing excellent entertainment for millions of people. Our exploration of narrative gameplay and Netflix supporting records of different storytellers are very natural Match. It feels like both teams have come to instinctively come to this conclusion.”