Netflix adds three movies from the creators of Squid Game for fans to watch

On Thursday, Netflix announced via Twitter that the service has produced three directed Korean feature films. Squid game The creator Huang Dongheke will be broadcast live in the United States.This announcement is on Squid game After the first season premiered in September, it became the most popular original series on Netflix.

These movies include the 2011 crime drama silence Starring Kong Yoo Squid game; 2014 comedy Miss Grandma Starring Luo Wenxi and Shen Eunjing; and the 2017 historical drama fortress Starring by Kim Yun-seok and Lee Byung-hyun, the latter also appeared in Squid game As the masked “forward” leading the game.

According to real events, silence Jiang Renhao (played by Kong Yoo) is a newly hired art teacher at a school for children with hearing impairments. He exposed the devastating conspiracy between the school’s faculty and staff. Miss Grandma It tells the story of Wu Ma Soon (Luo Wenxi), a 74-year-old widow who was full of swear words miraculously restored her 20-year-old appearance.Set in 1636, 2017 fortressSecond Lee Byung Heon plays Choi Myung Ki, the retainer of Injo (Pak Hae Il) of the North Korean Kingdom, and Kim Sang Heon (Kim Yun Suk) clashes with troops on whether to surrender to the advancing Qing army or counter their invasion. In addition to the director, Huang Dong Hyuk has written screenwriting credits in all three films.

Squid game Is one of several Korean shows and feature films, including Bong Joonho’s Oscar-winning black comedy thriller Parasites Erotic psychological thriller with Park Chan-wook MaidIn recent years, it has achieved great commercial and critical success in the United States.The series has not been officially renewed by Netflix for the second season, Huang Dong Hyuk said in a statement Variety Interview He may return to the director function before returning Squid game And he has not formulated any ideas for the second season.