Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Hulu’s Newest Movies Best 11: June 2021

The sun is shining, the heat is sweltering, and almost everyone is itching to get out after more than a year of isolation. Yes, it’s really summer — but if you surf the waves, eat ice cream cones, or eat your belongings, there are plenty of great movies to watch.

In June, there are plenty of classic picks in the way of David Fincher. Fight club, Miranda July Kajillionaire, Some of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpieces, and most surprisingly, Walter Hill and Larry Gross neo-noir rock action musicals Streets of fire!!

Read the 11 best new movies that will launch streaming services in June. There is something for everyone.

American wolf in London

Photo: Universal Pictures

In John Landis’ shaggy horror comedy, David Norton and Griffin Dunne play David and Jack. Two college students change their lives forever by chance encounters with Lycanthrop (for example, one becomes a werewolf and the other is killed quickly). On a visit outside the grave, Jack begs David to self-confess to prevent further attacks, but … may have something to do with the woman who cares for him. This quirky, time-honored film, as it was in 1981, is reinforced in all respects with anguish and captivating, artificial effects by the legendary Rick Baker. — Matte patch

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Fight club

Photo: 20th Century Fox

David Fincher’s Fight club When released in 1999, it embodied the zeitgeist of the end of the century. The New York Times called this “Defining the cult film of our timeCelebrate the 10th anniversary of its release. Edward Norton appears as a car recall expert who is dissatisfied with his life and career process and is dissatisfied with developing chronic insomnia. After meeting a charismatic soap salesman named The Narrator (Brad Pitt), the two will form a rapid friendship and eventually create an underground fighting club to release their accumulated aggression. Fight Club walks its own life and escalate not only to the life of the protagonist, but to a national phenomenon that could upset the future of American society we know. You can see the twist. After all, the film has been a nearly ubiquitous touchstone of popular culture for over 20 years. But in case it doesn’t, it’s absolutely necessary. -hand

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Face / off

Face / Off-Nicolas Cage and John Travolta

Paramount Pictures

Action drummer John Woo loves big swings. His shootout spins at a surreal pace in modern dance. His plot turns pages like a paperback thriller. Pigeons are always flying in slow motion. A flock of pigeons. So it makes sense for him to team up with two of Hollywood’s most baroque actors, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. His face and the target’s face. Let’s go together! — —hand

Face / off Streaming full..

Dr. Strangelove (HBO Max)

Photo: Reference channel

Dr. Strangelove Considered one of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpieces, it’s a bitter satirical parody of Cold War paranoia and a humorously ineffective bureaucratic parody set in a swaying cusp of nuclear devastation. If a U.S. Air Force general preemptively orders a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, the U.S. President, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Royal Air Force officers will stop the attack and engage in a full-scale nuclear war. Peter Sellers plays a career-determining role in three different roles instead of one: the boring and useless President Merkin Muffley, the Royal Air Force Captain Lionel Mandragora, and the lesser-known Nazi past. Dr. Strange Grove, a wheelchair-bound adviser with. A destructive masterpiece of jet-black irony and unmistakable style. Dr. Unusual Affection, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bombs Is a movie you should definitely watch. -hand

Dr. Unusual Affection or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bombs Streaming HBO max..

Eyes Wide Shut

A circle of masked people.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Speaking of Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut Is an erotic psychological mystery drama that reigns at the pinnacle of the career of one of the most important directors in the film world, forever by portraying a timeless excess of popular culture and the fall of the end-of-the-century conspiracy The trace is left in. Tom Cruise, starring Stanley Kubrick, played Bill Hartford, a New York City doctor, when he admitted that his wife, Alice (Nicole Kidman), had an affair and thought about breaking up with him. Bill then embarked on an Odyssey of distracting and bizarre sexual encounters, unquestionably snapping him into the middle of a monastery held by the deadly secret society of the masked Libertine social circles. Not only that, but also on the eve of Christmas! -hand

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Green Mile

Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan play Paul Edgecomb and Green Mile prisoner John Coffrey

Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures

In the sky of the show shank In the film adaptation of Stephen King, a sequel to Frank Darabont, Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb on death row. A prisoner named John Coffrey (Michael Clarke Duncan). Darabont’s film is widely recognized as his masterpiece and has been nominated for more than four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Adaptation.

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Evan Rachel Wood puts his entire arm in Miranda Julai's Kajillionaire PO Box

Photo: Focus function

Kajillionaire The most accessible, friendly and entertaining movie for Miranda Julai. Evan Rachel Wood is two trivial scammers (Richard Jenkins and Debra Jenkins) living in a small scam that steals someone else’s mail. Starring as an adult daughter of Winger). She is an equal partner in crime until she meets a woman (Gina Rodriguez) who wants to be involved in fraud and accidentally upsets her customary but ridiculous lifestyle.Director Me and you and everyone we know And future Regarding high-level habits, Kajillionaire Big and sympathetic colorful emotions and a pretty hilarious robbery plan are added. — —Tasha Robinson

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Jennifer’s body

As Jennifer's Body Jennifer, Megan Fox crouched on a chair like the devil in Henry Fuseli's 1781 painting

Photo: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Gory without wasting, sexy without vulgarity, empowerment without defeating pp, Jennifer’s body I had to see this as one who attended high school at that time and unpacked all the mixed messages about friendship and empowerment of women packaged with me at the time. Weekends. — Petrana Ladurovich

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kick ass

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz at Kick Ass

Photo: Lions Gate

Based on Mark Millar’s comic of the same name, X-MEN: First Generation And Kingsman: The Secret Service Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Godzilla) plays Dave Rizewski in the gloomy and gritty superhero action drama “Kick Ass” directed by Matthew Vaughn. Big Daddy (Big Daddy), a heavily armed father of vigilantes to fight crime. As Kick-Ass (Taylor-Johnson) has to confront to save the crisis, their campaign for justice inevitably clashes with the city’s most dangerous elements. Kick-Ass is a stylish, highly violent and offensive portrayal of a “real” superhero scenario that feels like the predecessor of a modern, destructive superhero drama: the boys Or invincible. -hand

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Julianne Moore (1995) where Carol White sits on a safe large open dome cot and breathes into an oxygen mask

Image: Criterion Collection

To Carol Julianne Moore, a suburban horror film directed by Todd Haynes, is a housewife whose suburban life in Los Angeles in the 1980s consisted of jazza size, a fruit diet with friends, and choosing the perfect sofa for a remodeled home. Plays the housewife, Carol White. Her world is positively mediocre and rich, but when her health goes out of control, she loses her normal sensations. Is it an allergic reaction? Deeper conditions? Her doctor has no answer and ridicules her claim that something is wrong. Her husband wants to help, but also doubts her condition. Carroll only knows that her nose is bleeding and that when driving on the freeway, she must break her lungs to drive.

Carroll’s world begins to make a little sense when it connects with the chemical-sensitive male and female commune. She recedes into the bubble to escape the toxins that inhabit every corner of modern life-sometimes literally. But the leaders of cult groups take advantage of suffering and Haynes self. Ask a free-answer question about saving. Whether Carroll’s physical illness is true or not, it is a mental horror, squeezing life from her very existence. Even if she has a support system, she doesn’t. People who have to find every way to support her spend time examining her integrity. Even in the New Age desert hideout, she has been repeatedly told that the only reason this is happening is somehow her fault.

when safety When it was a big hit in theaters in 1995, there were clear similarities drawn to the judgments and cultural failures surrounding the AIDS crisis. From the image of a universal mask and oxygen tank to the idea of ​​seeing our everyday toxins as a shadowy cosmic threat, Haynes’s all-all story remains the same now and in the past. By being lesser known, I faced this concept more directly. Dark waterThis is a record of a lawsuit against DuPont’s legal and thrilling use of toxic chemicals in Teflon.But its surreal and isolated nature safety While tackling the urgent issues that plague us all, we are firmly committed to the horror genre. Moore doesn’t flinch as usual. Movies and performances that make everything questionable. — —MP

safety Can be streamed with Reference channel

Street of Fire (Netflix)

Diane Lane as Ellen Aim singing on the Streets of Fire stage

Photo: Universal Pictures

The 1984 feature film “Street of Fire” by Walter Hill and screenwriter Larry Gross is a strange movie to explain. Former soldier Tom Cody (Michael Paré) returns home to rescue former lover and slash rock singer Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) when unprotected. On the self-proclaimed “Rock’n’Roll Fable” stage, a villainous biker (Willem Dafoe) and his band, malicious bikers. The cast ends with Amy Madigan (Twice in a lifetime(Honey, I shrunk my kid) As Ellen’s manager and boyfriend Billy Fish. The film was bombed when it was first released in theaters in 1984, Streets of fire Since then, it has been a cult favorite among fans and critics for decades.

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