Netflix Announces New Castlevania Dracula Series Starring Richter Belmont

Netflix Season 4 Castlevania The series has completely closed the show, but this isn’t the last time the legendary franchise has graced a small screen. During today’s Netflix Otaku Week live stream, Castlevania Dracula Leading creators have confirmed that a new show is underway and will spotlight Richter Belmont.

Executive Producer Kevin Kolde, Director Sam Deats, and Assistant Director Adam Deats shared a brief overview of the untitled show. I don’t know the details of the story, but the show will take place in France in 1792, in the midst of the French Revolution, with Richter and Maria Leonard. Unfortunately, there were no words on the day of the premiere.

Richter is one of the most prolific Belmonts in the folklore of Castlevania Dracula. Debuted in 1993 with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (probably known to Westerners as Castlevania: Rondo), he is a young but powerful ancestor of Simon Belmont and a master vampire killer. During the Rondo of Blood event, he saves Maria Leonard, a 12-year-old orphan, a wizard / vampire hunter, and a distant relative of the Belmont clan. Remember that the Rondo of Blood will also be held in 1792. Needless to say, this series will get a lot of inspiration from the game’s events, just as the previous show tells the story from Castlevania Dracula III.

Certain generations of Castlevania fans are probably best aware of Richter from his short playable segment during the intro of Castlevania: Night Symphony, a direct sequel to Rondo. The Symphony prologue serves as a summary of Rondo’s conclusions, with players defeating Dracula (after joining the now-famous opening conversation), and Richter then disappearing to play an important role in the game’s plot. Of course, these days you can find Richter throwing into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Simon Belmont’s echo fighter.

so Castlevania Fans, are you excited to see a new series centered around Richter and perhaps the Rondo of Blood? Let us know in the comments!