Netflix announces season 3 of “The Witcher”, a new “Witcher” anime movie, etc.

It’s been a year since we first heard about it That wizard The third season may be renewed, and Netflix has finally confirmed this: Once season 2 is over, Henry Cavill’s Geralt will appear on your screen again.

Now is a good time to become a fan of The Witcher; at Netflix’s Tudum fan event, the streaming giant announced a series of upcoming “Witcher” content-including another anime movie, and (oddly) an aspect Series for young viewers.

Admittedly, the timing is a bit strange. The second season of “The Witcher” has not yet aired, so it seems a strange strategy to announce another season now. Fortunately, we don’t have much time to wait for the new fantasy adventure, and the long-awaited season 2 will premiere on the service on December 17. If you want to know more about the upcoming season, you can check out Season 2 of the opening scene, or read some updates about the characters recast since Season 1.

This newly released animated film will be the sequel to “The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare” released earlier this year. This movie is a prequel to the live-action series, set a few years before Geralt’s feat. Not much is known about this anime sequel at the moment, but you can find some hints about it in the compiled trailer embedded below.

And some more information about Wizard: Bloodborne, This will be a big budget project, more than a thousand years earlier than the most famous wizard (of course Geralt).

“In the world of elves 1200 years before the wizarding world, Blood Origin will tell a story that has been forgotten by time-the origin of the first wizard and the event that led to the key’sphere union’, when the worlds of monsters, humans, and elves merge As one,” reads in the project’s introduction.

Check out the trailer below.

Last but not least, Netflix made its most interesting announcement to date: the company announced a new “fun-filled” Wizarding series, suitable for children and families-although beyond that, know about the series Very little. It remains to be seen how Netflix will be known for its mature tone and bloody works for children.