Netflix announces the cast of its live-action version of One Piece

Live-action version of Netflix piece The adaptation has found its straw hat gang, which is its first major milestone in its quest to adapt one of the most popular and long-running anime of all time into a second, richer streaming hit.Co-produced with Tomorrow Studios (much like the upcoming live-action version denim), piece I hope that through the energetic cast and the blessing and participation of the manga creator Eiichiro Oda, who is the executive producer of the new show, the support of new and old fans will be won.

This is the cast, presented through lyrics The legendary pirate rap:


To me, to me!

dream! Don’t give up, Luffy! (Iñaki Godoy, from Netflix Who killed Sara?)

dream! Don’t give up, Sauron! (Mackenyo, from Pacific Rim: Uprising)

dream! Don’t give up, Nami! (Emily Rudd, From Fear Street)


Don’t give up, give up, give up, give up, give up, give up, give up, give up, give up!

The story is like this, let’s find out

The treasure in the great sea route, without a doubt

Pirate staring at it, he can sing

I want to be the One Piece, I want to be the One Piece!

Ya me, ya me, ya me… oh, huh…

I will continue, but there are two other actors not mentioned in the pirate rap: Usopp, played by Jacob Romero Gibson (Full rise) And Sanji, played by Taz Skylar (douchebag). I will write some subsections to mention them, but doing so means tarnishing one of the few perfect songs, like Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” and Fugees’ cover of “Killing Me Softly With His Song”.

The stars seem to be young actors, and it’s good to consider this early in their careers piece Known for its long-term broadcast-the comic has more than 100 volumes this year, and at the time of writing this article, its adaptation of the animation is on the cusp of airing the 1,000th episode.There is absolutely no live-action series that lasts that long-Westerns Gun smoke Is the closest, 635 episodes of rootin’ and tootin’ in 20 years-but if new piece If you want to win money for it, these pirates can do the job. Yo yo yo yo Amelite?