Netflix announces “The Witcher” season 3, new animation, and children’s derivative drama

Netflix has all the attention in the world, but it may not be the IP that can compete with Disney and HBO in the world. Therefore, it is understandable that the company will strive to expand its most promising franchise. This is why we will have a large number of wizards in the near future. On Saturday, at the Tudum fan event, Netflix announced some new stories set in the wizarding world of Livia Geralt.

New animation projects follow August’s animation inspiration feature The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf From Kola Legend Team Studio Mill. Netflix will also produce a new “fun-filled” wizard series for children and families-although it is not yet clear how this will work. Finally, Netflix also announced, That wizard The third season has been renewed.

The new series is a boon That wizard The host Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (Lauren Schmidt Hissrich) will continue to oversee the large franchise store. Hissirch also recently signed a lucrative agreement with Netflix to produce more series for streaming.

That wizard Season 2 will premiere on December 17. Wizard: Bloodborne It is expected in 2022.