Netflix starts to launch Netflix games

Netflix announced the adoption of Twitter It will begin to implement its Netflix game service on Android devices. It has launched five games and features “no ads, no additional costs, and no in-app purchases”.

The five games launched by the service are Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast and Teeter Up. Although this series of games relies on name recognition and basic game types, all Netflix subscribers can access them for free.

At first glance, this seems to be an Apple Arcade-type service, and it is more convenient to subscribe through a regular Netflix sub. But Apple Arcade has launched some really powerful games, such as Grindstone and Card of Darkness. If Netflix Games is to grow into something worth playing, it needs to bring games.

Nevertheless, Netflix did lead the successful interactive experience of Bandersnatch. If it wants to compete in the gaming space and have more licensed games and easily recognizable prototypes, it needs to take advantage of this innovation. Netflix needs something different, some really creative games to attract people. Now this product is needed.

There are signs that Netflix Games may become something to watch. They recently acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio. And this is not to say that the service no longer has a lot of game-related content. Wizards, Riot’s arcane and Castlevania shows all add luster to the platform.

Netflix Arcade is now available to all Netflix subscribers on Android and will soon be available on iOS.